Commander Aiden Accrington

Chief Science Officer USS Endurance

NAME: Aiden Accrington RACE: Human GENDER: Male
AGE: 39 HEIGHT: 1.95m WEIGHT: 84kg
Strength:63 Endurance:63 Intellect:71 Dexterity:60 Charisma:67 Luck:67 Psionic:18
Attitude: 56/53 Average Coolness: 59/62 Composed Motivation: 60/68 Determined
Willpower: 65/67 Resolute Morality: 46/49 Average Ethics: 61/64 Honest
Energy: 71/70 Energetic Composure: 59/64 Controlled Bravery: 48/49 Average
Empathy: 58/55 Emotional Humility: 48/40 Smug
Political: 53/53 Mainstream Social: 46/46 Average Financial: 40/40 Lower Middle Class
Live Parents: 2 Nuclear Family
Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Science Rank: Commander
Schools/Training: Department Head Command School First Contact Training Advanced Tactical Training

Computer Rating: A4 (Unofficial)

4.0 Starfleet Academy
Competed in Brigade-wide Writing exhibition
Good Event: An opportune Situation cause your subordinate to owe you a big favor
0.8 Service Event: Participated in a project for the Federation Science Council
General Event: Your friend caught a minor illness, recovered
Service Event: Field Test of new Scientific Process – As expected results
General Event: One of your parents became infamous, Socially
1.5 BCS Branch School
Service Event: Field Test of new Scientific Process – Excellent Results
4.0 Sciences Branch School
Romantic Event: Romantic fling with teammate
0.5 Cadet Cruise: Shakedown of New Ship
Ship: USS-Pierce F34144, Freighter class Cargo Carrier
Graduated, Promoted to Ensign
Tour Event" Infected by parasitic organism – majority of your crew, including you
Romantic Event: Romantic fling with crewmate
3.0 2: Galaxy Exploration – Capital Ship OER: As Expected
Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
*Achieved Computer Expert Rating of A1
Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Service Event: Field test of new scientific process – Poor results
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
1.3 4: Deep System Survey – Unexplored OER: As Expected
Ship: NCC-20316 USS Fleming, Wambundu class Heavy Cruiser
Achieved Computer Expert Rating of A2
1.0 Department Head School
0.5 First Contact Training
Tour Event: Civilian installation evacuation – Medical
General Event: Your enemy lost a prestigious position
Promoted to Lieutenant
2.5 5: Deep Space 5 Military Operations – Staff OER: Excellent
Achieved Computer Expert Rating of A3
0.5 Advanced Tactics Training
1.0 Command School
Tour Event: Mediate Resource Dispute
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
0.3 5: Peace Keeping Military Operations – Department Head OER: Current Tour
Ship: USS Endurance NCC-83812, Saint Louis II class Heavy Cruiser
Tour Event: Complete build from scratch of USS Endurance in 21 days.
Tour Event: Infected by parasitic organism – majority of your crew.
AWARD For Plague Model
Tour Event: Infected by parasitic organism, Mittens Syndrome – majority of your crew, and you
Promoted to Commander
Achieved Computer Expert Rating of A4




Detailed Skills List

Administration: 65
- Aiden has a broad variety of experience co-chairing or leading scientific research teams in developing new scientific processes and performing and conducting experiments. He is a strong coordinator and delegator and will attempt to make the best use of his people, which works most of the time. He is also well familiar with the paperwork involved with these endeavors, and has no issues completing grants, research proposals, and the other routine paperwork that is expected of a Starfleet officer.

Artistic Expression: Poetry: 37
- Aiden thinks he is a good poet. By some more mundane measures of technical proficiency, he is, but he has not been published, keeping most of his work from the public eye.

Artistic Expression: Writing: 65
- Aiden thinks he is a good writer. By most academic measures, he definitively is, and he is often an inflexible editor of the work of his subordinates. As he has developed a reputation in this regard, he can sometimes intimidate lesser writers in his department. He is also proficient when writing fiction, using it as an outlet for creativity but never sharing his work with others.

Carousing: 51
- Unlike most of his ilk, Aiden tends to be a people person, able to small talk, jest, and verbally joust with some proficiency. Those who know him best know this ability is largely a code-switching front for networking with fellow scientists; he’d rather be doing virtually anything other than shooting the breeze.

Carrier Operations: 5
- One time, Aiden watched a holo-documentary about carrier operations during the most recent Federation-Tzenkethi War. About halfway through, he got bored and turned it off.
- He is very self-satisfied that he knows what “CAG” stands for.

Cloaking Procedures: 10
- Aiden knows what most amateurs know about cloaking: you can’t use weapons, you probably shouldn’t be doing high-energy radiation experiments on board lest the ship be made readily detectable, probably don’t use a cloaking device if you’re a Federation citizen because it’s an intergalactic treaty violation, etc.

Comm Sys Operation: 20
- Aiden has both placed and received subspace transmissions. As a teenager, he once, by accident, while tinkering with various settings on his laptop computer, made a transmission on citizen’s band radio. Several minutes later, a dusky voice responded, “The duck crows and the crows duck at midnight.” He recycled the computer and has never recounted the incident to anyone.

Computer Operation: 95
- If there is a kludge that exists; if there is a handy workaround for persistent dumb memory leaks; if operating system updates have borked the voice interface; if there is a way to do repetitive tasks 0.05s more efficiently per task (on average); Aiden knows how to kludge it, work around it, fix it, and make it faster.
- It is the only reason he is still on his father’s speed dial.

Computer Technology: 50
- As a proponent of larger scale astrophysics projects, Aiden has dedicated himself to being able to build and maintain proprietary hardware systems that will do exactly what he wants them to do, rather than using components off the shelf.

Cryptology: 60
- What started as something of a single-player gaming hobby turned into a single-player gaming hobby that is periodically professionally useful. Through relationships with cryptographers that he has met at scientific conferences, he has contributed as a ghostwriter to several reputable journal articles in relating to topics such as quantum computing applications in cryptography, encrypted isolinear rod technology, and zero-knowledge proofs.

Damage Cont Proc: 11
- At every posting, Aiden takes thorough notes on the location of the nearest plasma fire extinguisher(s) in each area of the ship or station in which he routinely works.

Deflector Shld Op: 35
- In order to prevent the effects of solar radiation on his work, Aiden has had to familiarize himself with the basics of deflector harmonics in order to correctly deploy countermeasures that would otherwise disrupt some sensitive experiments.

Electronics Tech: 33
- He probably can’t design a circuit board or an isolinear chip, but he can test various components and determine faults, then replace components as necessary.

Enviro Suit Op: 40
- Aiden strongly dislikes EV Suits and operating in them, but a sense of duty has compelled him to practice to the point of competence.

Fleet Tactics: 25
- While serving as a staffer in DS5 Military Operations, Aiden picked up some things about fleet tactics. He doesn’t always recall what those things were, exactly, but he took thorough notes that he can access at a moment’s notice.

Instruction: 14
- Aiden loves explaining things to people who don’t understand things, but he loathes explaining things to people who want to learn how to do things. This is ostensibly because he likes to be the only specialist capable of doing most things that he does, and teaching others to do the things he can do diminishes his status. However, sometimes his ego compels him to show off by teaching somebody something.

Language: Betazoid: 20
- Aiden took Betazoid for his first-year foreign language in high school but found it mostly boring and inconsequential.

Language: Cardassian: 22
- During the opening stages of the Dominion War, his mother suggested that he start to learn some Cardassian “just in case.” While not particularly one to worry about the eventualities that might cause him to use such skills “just in case,” he did it anyway, using an interactive computer program to learn some vocabulary and syntax as a harrowing bedtime activity.

Language: Galacta: 40

Language: Human: 40

Leadership: 47
- Aiden is matter-of-fact and occasionally inspirational. His ability to be direct without being callous is usually appreciated by his subordinates, who find him to be a good administrator and communicator and an efficient, above-average conductor of meetings. His subordinates often say he is merely “good,” but he is rarely the sort of beloved figure others might say was a favorite.

Life Sciences: Ecology: 32
- Early in his academic career, Aiden decided biological and medical sciences weren’t for him. He simply liked math too much. He is, however, fond of wildlife and some of his favorite reading is about the discovery of new planets and their various flora, fauna, and interactions with the environment.

Life Sciences: Exobiology: 5
- As a child, Aiden’s primary care physician had a display up on the wall that showed the bones of the Vulcan body. He memorized most of them during stretches of interminable waiting room time.

Life Sup Sys Tech: 20
- Aiden needed to fill an elective once, and opted for this one, deeming life support the only shipboard system that he really and truly cared about.

Marks – Modern: 43
- Aiden probably spends more time on the phaser range than most scientists, but he likes the feeling of being a competent marksman and getting good scores on his rectification tests. Like many of his combat-oriented skills, this improved drastically working with fellow experts while stationed on DS5.

Medical Sciences: First Aid: 25
- Aiden knows what everything in an emergency medkit does and can use all of it without directly killing anyone.

Negotiation/Diplo: 85
- In a somewhat staggering display of code-switching, Aiden’s first contact training went far better than his superiors – skeptical of his application in the first place – had any reason to expect. He is generally charming and endeavors to understand the needs and desires of various parties that are engaged in arguments, and is comfortable and slick to a perhaps discomfiting degree when it comes to reaching logical agreements and compromises that are useful to all sides…or playing one party against another to achieve a desired result. That is how he replaced Dr. Klafin as senior member of his First Contact training cohort, after all.

Pers Comb – Armed: Dagger: 40
- Aiden never paid the slightest bit of attention to combat training with hand-to-hand weapons until a Bolian member of the tactical team at DS5 helped him learn some handy tricks with daggers.

Pers Comb – Unarmed: 50
- While in middle school, Aiden’s height shot up, and he was quite spindly. His chosen natural defense against this was to exercise to the exclusion of most other recreational activity, when by his senior year of high school, he had become extraordinarily fit for largely psychologically unhealthy reasons. His proficiency in various forms of unarmed combat is largely a product of shielding his ego against this specific feeling of inadequacy, and his practice of combat has almost exclusively been limited to holographic opponents while conducting his fitness regimen.

Pers Weapon Tech: 5
- Aiden is aware that portable phasers of all kinds need to be returned to their recharging stations.

Physical Sciences: Chemistry: 36
- While not a primary interest, there was enough overlap with his other studies that rudimentary Chemistry became a passing fancy, not entirely unlike Candace Durham while in Sciences Branch School (also a Chemistry lesson.)

Physical Sciences: Computer Science: 31
- Aiden is more of a computer power user than a computer programmer, but he is familiar with a few common languages and can wield them to his purposes for relatively simple matters. He can often read programming to ascertain the functions of a given passage of code.

Physical Sciences: Mathematics: 65
- Aiden’s chief interest is mathematics. While he was never a pure mathematics major, he could see himself pursuing it once his career in Starfleet comes to an end. He calls math “the only true science,” and his limited hobby time is often spent in mathematical riddles, puzzles, and unsolved proofs to keep his skills sharp.

Physical Sciences: Physics: 40
- A natural extension of his love of mathematics, Aiden has a solid grasp on currently understood physics and the mathematical applications required to demonstrate physics proofs and solve various problems.

Planetary Sciences: Hydrology: 39
- A somewhat unnatural extension of his love of mathematics and thereby physics, Aiden studied Hydrology to understand certain concepts of Ecology as a mathematical construct.

Planetary Survival: Aquatic: 20
- Aiden could serve as a pool lifeguard…but probably not a beach lifeguard. Swimming is nevertheless a frequent form of exercise that suits his lanky frame.

Planetary Survival: Urban: 20
- Aiden is unusually adept at reading and interpreting directories at shopping malls.

Security Procedures: 20
- Aiden won’t make any mistakes when it comes to securing his data on experiments and his shipwide functions, but when it comes to actually securing a facility against attack or other intrusion, he probably won’t be anything more than an extra pair of hands.

Sensor Analysis: 73
- A strong sense of pattern recognition and the ability to recall pertinent information from past studies allows Aiden to analyze and synthesize the telemetry provided by scientific instruments faster than most.

Sensor Technology: 41
- As a consequence of using sensor technology heavily in his various experiments, Aiden has a good working understanding of many of the major components used in it.

Shuttlecraft Pilot: 51
- Flying a shuttlecraft manually made Aiden feel very cool in a way that most other things didn’t, so he pursued it as a hobby. He often supposes – sometimes aloud – that he were less brilliant, he might’ve become a pilot for a living.

Small Equip Sys Op: 11
- Aiden can use PADDs and tricorders with a level of proficiency that most non-sapient lifeforms can only dream of.

Small Vessel Pilot: 15
- Starfleet shuttlecrafts are one matter; manual maneuvers in larger spacefaring vehicles not of Starfleet design is another. This is an area of piloting in which Aiden has a limited amount of experience.

Small Vessel Weapon Ops: 15
- Shipboard weapons operations above and beyond point-and-shoot are well out of Aiden’s practice.

Social Sciences: Culture/Human: 10
- Aiden once read the Arts section in the Federation News Service Sunday edition, and was bewildered to discover that The Arts were still an active operation.

Social Sciences: Fed History: 46
- During high school and in the Academy, Aiden found history electives to be the easiest to write his way into a good grade with a nominal amount of effort, and he eventually found that he mostly enjoyed learning about the history of the Federation.

Social Sciences: Fed Law: 45
- Some scientific experiments have been deemed unlawful or have been strictly regulated, it turns out, due to such mostly trivial hazards as dangerous radiation surges, fiery plasma explosions, antimatter reactor breaches, the potential to eliminate all life in the galaxy, etc. Aiden has gone to great pains to learn the ins and outs of Federation workplace statutes to ensure he not only doesn’t get anyone killed but also isn’t sued.

Social Sciences: Hist/Human: 10
- “In the year two thousand sixty-one, Cochrane flew beyond the sun,” is a sentence that Aiden learned in grade two.

Social Sciences: Law/Human: 10
- “The Common law was an unwritten body of laws, based on the concept of legal precedent, that became common to the entirety of England in the 12th century under the rule of King Henry II,” is a sentence that Aiden would probably be able to use about human law.

Social Sciences: Political Science: 10
- Aiden gets the very big picture stuff – there are factions and they all want things – but for the most part, he has to be actively filled in on the nuts and bolts of current politics in order to be conversant.

Social Sciences: Religion/Human: 5
- Aiden assumes that he is at all times being watched by beings on a higher plane.

Space Sciences: Astrogation: 60
- Aiden has some formal studies in astrogation, but his background in mathematics and astrophysics lends him an almost casual higher-order relationship with astrogation.

Space Sciences: Astronautics: 10
- While he has a passing interest in astronautics due to his fields of research, he has left the actual processes of modern spaceflight mostly unstudied.

Space Sciences: Astronomy: 56
- Astronomy has long fascinated Aiden, perhaps first sparking his interest in the sciences, and he keeps up on most new discoveries and updates to existing star charts.

Space Sciences: Astrophysics: 84
- A notable, published astrophysicist, Aiden has managed to get his work into most of the leading journals in the Federation. His work on the interactivity of shield matrices with the electromagnetic forces within ion storms and the reactivity potential of various deflector configurations as it relates to the composition of nebulae remain benchmarks in the field.

Starfleet Regs: 20
- Aiden is keenly aware of the General Orders, but sometimes disregards best practices as outlined by The Book.

Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 65
- Somewhat by accident, Aiden gained a proficiency for the finer points of ship-to-ship combat through a combination of command school and running holodeck simulations on DS5 with several of his expert crewmates.

Starship Helm Operation: 55
- If it’s a Starfleet vessel, Aiden can pilot it more proficiently than many officers, just with fewer wisecracks.

Starship Services: 20
- Aiden has been aboard starships long enough to know the proper starship services protocols in most obvious situations, but if he doesn’t, he knows who will know them.
- He always knows where the nearest restroom is.

Starship Weapon Ops: 16
- Aiden can make the computer automatically shoot at things.

Streetwise: 48
- A logical extension of his propensity for code-switching, negotiation, and puzzle solving, Aiden is not an easy mark, and can usually see casual situations in suspect circumstances for what they are, rather than what they may be pretending to be.

Transporter Op Proc: 11
- As long as it’s on automatic, nobody’s molecules will be scrambled.

Trivia: Historical Lit: 31
- Aiden fancies himself a literature buff, but he’s not as well-read as he once was.

Zero-G Operation: 10
- Aiden struggles to make quick decisions in zero-G operation – the simpler the op, the better. 

Biography (which may be an unreliable narrator)

Aiden was born in Bournemouth, England to Selene and Rodger Accrington.
His upbringing was relatively unremarkable. The family lived on earth until he was five. His father changed careers from microbrewer to mining technician, working chiefly for smaller mining companies, and the family bounced around during his childhood, leaving for a new habitat on a rocky world or mining asteroid every few years. His mother wrote holonovels, and was generally content, if a bit doting at times. He maintained a reasonably good relationship with his mother and father throughout his adolescence.

He earned excellent grades in school and was generally well-adjusted as a child until age thirteen, when he grew from his former height (1.58m) to just shy of his current height (1.92m) within the span of a year. Suddenly awkward and spindly, and standing out as he never had before, his somewhat reserved bearing morphed into painful shyness. Though his peers generally treated him well, Aiden became increasingly defensive and irritable due to perceived slights, bringing some social trouble upon himself. He determined to change the body he hated, beginning a strict regimen of physical training, and distanced himself from social activities and his parents, who were either unable or unwilling (or some combination thereof) to connect with him. He continued to earn good grades and pursue outside academic interests until finally, in his senior year, he began to mellow as he found a level of equilibrium, much to the relief of his parents and his peers. With a newfound self-confidence (or at least the ability to fake it,) he became a more popular figure, and earned good recommendations from his instructors to enter Starfleet Academy.

Life at the Academy seemed to suit Aiden. He became known as a gregarious figure, but had no close acquaintances, seeming to prefer to keep most people at arm’s length. He would choose high-profile social events at which to mingle, put in an appearance, then depart, never arriving with or leaving with anyone. He chiefly concentrated on maintaining good academic standing, networking with fellow science majors, and making himself generally visible.

For the most part, this tack worked. The Academy was not without its challenges, but it was largely simple. In a rare moment of personal availability, he competed in a writing competition his junior year, but failed to attract any interest, the last time that he demonstrated his fiction work in public. For his senior project, he led a team in an experiment involving investigating the acoustic properties of nebulae, conducting tests on the travel of sound waves through dense gas clouds in a vacuum. While an endeavor that showed very limited practical application, the effort was nevertheless somewhat novel, and earned some plaudits from those in theoretical fields.

Shortly after graduation, Aiden was sought by the Federation Science Council to work on a project investigating harmonic quantum interactions in dark matter nebulae, further building his resumé. Toward the end of his project, he learned that one of his few friends, the Ktarian Grorbrelsrekpt, a classmate at the academy with similar scientific interests, had fallen ill with unknown parasites while on an expedition. Grorbrelsrekpt recovered within several months and returned to duty. He remains Aiden’s only close confidant.

By this point, Aiden had been encouraged to enter BCS training by several of his professors. He took up the opportunity to further network, hoping that it would present better opportunities to set research agendas and guide projects in a hands-on fashion in the future. His time there was largely successful though he had little experience or previous desire to serve in a command capacity, and he proceeded through it breezily, again choosing to remain mostly detached from his fellow trainees.

With positions for pure research in relatively short supply in the immediate aftermath of the Dominion War, Aiden was eager to get into space, and impulsively accepted a posting that he felt would allow him some freedom to operate — aboard a freighter. It turned out to be a poor decision. While delivering supplies to a remote outpost on a newly discovered habitable world, virtually the entire crew was stricken with parasites, Aiden included. They were forced to quarantine for several months while the medical staff consulted with outside doctors to remedy the situation.

Having accomplished little with his tour aboard the Pierce, he was finally recommended for a position in the astrophysics department of the Zenith, a Galaxy-class vessel set for a three year exploratory tour beyond Zakdorn at the fringes of the Federation, as Starfleet was resetting in some theaters after the Dominion War to continue its primary mandate of space exploration. While aboard, he was able to continue independent research, with mixed results, but helped make a name for himself during an away mission when he rescued his first officer by jumping into a pit of sapient hive mind quicksand, earning a citation for gallantry and a promotion. He was granted security clearance and began to work more frequent shifts in the bridge rotation.

Upon returning to Federation space proper, Aiden took a brief sabbatical, and then took a position as a junior science officer aboard the Fleming, a heavy cruiser engaged in a deep survey of a system with one class-M planet and two class-M moons that the Zenith had briefly catalogued during their tour. Aiden continued to take more frequent bridge rotations, finding to his surprise that he enjoyed being more involved in the day-to-day operation of a starship.

Consequently, when he returned to Federation space, he applied and was accepted into department head school, again passing breezily and finding the process mostly suited him. He was prepared to leave again on deep space exploration when the opportunity to join a new first contact training cohort opened up. Much to the surprise of those from whom he sought recommendations, he also applied for first contact training certification, and was accepted. Most assumed his seemingly newfound desire to become an ideal career officer had spurred this desire, but it was, in fact, a desire to show up a longtime rival, Dr. Ingomus Klafin, who had also applied for first contact school, that caused the change in plans.
Aiden was extremely successful in the program, dedicating all of his time and energy to being the best student in the program, and despite his hidden suspect motivations, won plaudits for his diligence and performance. With the certification acquired, he gunned for a posting as the chief of the science department at Deep Space Five, a position which Dr. Klafin previously held — and successfully joined the military operations staff as head science advisor, having been promoted to Lieutenant.

While on Deep Space Five, Aiden mellowed further, past some of the pettiness that had colored his previous career decisions. His relationship with his parents improved somewhat; his relationship with his fellow crewmates became less superficial; his general bearing improved as he adapted to working as a team lead on the station. He was mostly free to continue conducting independent research, but he was also an invaluable member of the station personnel, helping to design solutions to new military threats as they emerged, as well as leading the stations’ own ongoing research endeavors. Thanks to the support of several of his crewmates, he took an interest in continuing to improve his bridge performance and capabilities by entering advanced tactics training remotely, and participated in frequent drills and combat simulations with experienced members of the DS5 tactical team.

Though he had grown very fond and comfortable in his posting on DS5, even starting command school remotely, he was dispatched as a technical advisor on a diplomatic delegation to mediate a dispute on the border of Ferengi space with a neutral, unaffiliated world, Esetrizen, that had requested Federation mediation regarding dilithium and ore mines on two moons in the system. The two parties were eventually able to reach an agreement.
Upon completion of command school and his diplomatic assignment, Aiden was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to lead the science department on the USS Endurance.



Commander Aiden Accrington

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