Star Trek: Aftermath (Cardassian Phase)

Phase I, Session 19 - Assault on Atbar II, Part 1

Awards, Jr officer starship combat, where did Grey go?


TODAY’S NEWS: TODAY’S NEWS – Today the Klingon Empire announced the successful negotiation of an alliance with the Gorn Hegemony. There are rumors that the Klingons are also courting military alliances with the Nausicaans and the Son’a. It is unclear whether these allies would be committed to the Romulan assault, simply shore up the Klingon defenses, or would serve some other purpose, nor is it clear what these races are gaining from the Klingons. Kormis_Reissor__GAP.PNG

Stay tuned to Galactic Associated Press affiliates for updates as they arrive. This is Kormis Reissor Reporting from Rigel VI, Starbase 134.


The USS Endurance traveled to Atbar II to restore it’s computer systems to full functionality, even if that meant it might have to swap them out with all new computer cores. Prior to arrival at their orbital insertion point, they were bet by three very unfriendly Federation Starships. But first….



It is 2 days since the end of last session, the Endurance and the McKinley spent that time traveling to Atbar II, as did the Claymore. There are no major engagements to report.

AROUND TF21: It Floats Up, Then Rolls Downhill

My Lord Dalin First Tier Tathon,

It is unfortunate that I must inform you of the uncooperative nature of the Captain and crew of the USS Endurance towards my efforts to attend to my duties in your service. Specifically, I am being manipulated, deflected, and outright denied the access necessary to observe the activities of the ship and hearing the communications between parties to whom they speak, as you have commanded me to do. They do not see me as carrying any authority to stand in your place as your observer when you are away. While they are outwardly polite, their actions are anything but, and I consider them to be at the very edge of hostility.

Specifically the events of the ship during stardate XXX to XXX I am convinced were direct contact with the criminal Kssvosse. All this talk of Red Alert is simply nonsense as the ship was at Yellow Alert for the duration of the time. Even if it was at Red Alert, the assigned diplomatic status I carry on your behalf more than qualifies me to quietly sit on the bridge and observe. The Endurance went to such extreme lengths to cover up their illicit communications as to move me to a place where I could see out of forward windows but turned the ship so there was nothing to see.

I have failed you and will gratefully and humbly bear whatever discipline you deem fit and suitable for one such as I.

Your humble servant,
Ustrare Buva

To: Trovis Noct, Ambassador General
Cardassian Diplomatic Services
From: Dalin First Tier Tathon, Liaison, USS Endurance
Subject: Interference With Duty

Body: Fine greetings to you, Ambassador Noct. Attached you will find a letter to my by my retainer Ustrare Buva. He was serving as Federation Observer while I was away attending to the Taggrut negotiation adjudication I was assigned and successfully completed. While I can report that the captain and crew of the USS Endurance has been cooperative with me, these passive aggressive attempts to undermine my mission by interfering with my personnel is unconscionable, despicable, and fairly overt.
Furthermore, it is a direct distraction from the execution of the observation portion of my mission and needs to stop. I have spoken with the officers, especially their counselor and protocol personnel, and their Captain who all respond with bureaucratic jargon and procedures.

I formally solicit your assistance in the creation of a remedy to this situation.

Faithfully serving,
Dalin First Tier Tathon

From the desk of:
Fleet Captain Tandra Flanagan
Peacekeeping Group 5
Cardassian Theater

Captain Harkness,

Kindly get a grip on your Captains and their crews. The never ending nature of Cardassian letters filled with diplomatic whining from Ambassador Noct is well past annoying. You have one captain that has gotten me nine of them and had to be reprimanded for arresting his Liaison. We have another that has now started down that path (see attached) as well as upset Starfleet Intelligence at the highest (deepest?) levels, and frankly your own Liaison has had some choice words about your attitude. I don’t care what you need to do, but within the latitude of your orders fix this and create a damned working relationship between your Captain’s and crews and their Liaisons and their support personnel or I will relieve you of command, and put you in charge as my personal attaché to Admiral Noct. I am completely serious.

Deepest regards,
Fleet Captain Flanagan

Captain Sarah Harkness To Captain Donovan Arinoch


Solve this. Now.

Captain Sarah Harkness
Commander Task Force 21
Captain USS McKinley


A letter was received by all commander personnel up and down the entire chain of Starfleet Cardassian Theater Command from Gul Krabel, commander of the Cardassian Pickett at Tarrut VIII. It was a long winded, winding bit of prose posing as a thank you letter for the efforts of the USS Endurance, Captain, and Crew in response to his request for assistance in the defense of Tagrutt VIII against a Klingon assault. It was, in fact, a loud and garrish complaint about Captain Arinoch, his crew, and the USS Endurance in general. It specifically called to question the competancy, or lack of it, of the Endurance, Captain, and crew, and their callous handling of the entire event. It went on as an extremely thinly disguised accusation that the Endurance carelessly and casually caused the destruction of 2 unarmed Cardassian freighters with loss of all life of all onboard both ships. For her part Captain Harkness, Commander of TF21 and Captain of the USS McKinley forwarded her copy to Captain Arinoch for him to print and throw darts at.


CREW MOMENT Vacc Suit Maintenance wasn’t normally a major chore for the Three Forward and Four Aft wait staff. Though it was officially their ‘other job’ aboard ship, it was usually 1-2 hours apiece for each of them every week. This wasn’t every week.

The crew were placing these very bulky, very finicky, and apparently very stealthy sensor buoys in the 3 asteroid belts of Taggrut and had been for a couple of weeks now. They had little in the way of propulsion beyond simple station keeping and avoidance capabilities so they had to be positioned by hand. That meant they had to be hauled out in a shuttlecraft and then put into position by people in Environmental Suits, or E-Suits, or Vacc Suites, or space condoms as the lower decks engineering staff called them. It was time consuming, sweaty work, and there really wasn’t room or especially time to peel them off when a Buoy was positioned before it was time for the next one.

Each shuttle carried 2 buoys inside plus 1 strapped outside on top, a shuttle pilot also in an E-Suit, and 2 ‘Joeys’ along for the ride to position the Buoy at each stop the shuttle made. It was a monotonous pattern: Sit in the shuttle out of the way while the boson’s loaded the buoys, hatch closed and cleared and the shuttle was out into space again, deploy the three buoys one by one, fight with every one of them to get them to activate and pass the checks, then on to the next one, and after all three were positioned it was back to the ship for another load. The guys doing the space work weren’t enjoying their duty.

The guys that had to clean and prep their suits for the next people thought they had it worse. They were Specialist’s First Class Landon Jager (Human Male) and Nada De Santis (Human Female), and Specialist’s Second Class Florian Mohan (Human Male), Nada De Santis (Human Female), Lenora Denisa (Human Female), and Vytto Zh’hilin of Keth Kaleth (Andorian Female).

The smells and perpetual cleaning was bad enough before, but then the McKinley showed up and gave them 16 more shuttles and pilots. No flunkies, and no extra E-Suites. It doubled the personnel using the suits and doubled the cleaning. Were extra personnel assigned to help them? No. There were no extra personnel, they were doing deployments or piloting, or both. Meanwhile, the complaints piled up from the Four Aft Lounge about how poor the service was, and everyone going off duty and turning in their E-Suits for cleaning made a fuss about it. It all came to a head when Vytto punched one of the McKinley shuttle pilots.

Specialist 1st Class Vytto Zh’qilin of Keth Kaleth worked hard, did her best knowing that the maintenance on these E-Suits was critical to the survival of the occupants, and that included their cleaning. However, when she joined Starfleet she never imagined that she would spend most of her time taking orders for, and serving, drinks. Or that her other duty would be cleaning up after people who should be cleaning up their own messes after using an E-Suit. She had her pride, something her parent group would constantly remind her of as she was growing up, something they pointedly and repeatedly stated that she had too much of. After four days of sixteen hour shifts, constant smelly, grimy E-Suits that needed immediate cleaning, and she and her group getting further and further behind, she really wasn’t ready for the shuttle pilot from the McKinley to make pointed remarks about how bad the efficiency of E-Suit maintenance here was and that maybe she should request her ship send some competent people over to train the Endurance’s cluster of slackers on how to do it properly.

Vytto had no memory of the event, just a flash of anger, everything went black, then she was standing over the pilot with a familiar ache in her fist and the Ensign lying unconscious on the deck. Bad enough that she lost control, even worse that she struck someone, even worse that sickbay was called in to treat the Ensign, but worst of all was that she had struck an officer. An officer! This was serious time in the brig – at least 2 weeks! – and she was sure to lose rank over it. But her family. This was serious dishonor. What would she tell them?

She didn’t even notice as Florian quietly slipped the gold pressed latinum slips to Lieutenant Junior Grade Polikia. The Ferengi Nurse treated the Ensign, then gave her “something to help her memory”, and finally a stimulant. She took the groggy ensign towards the turbolift discussing the need for vitamin supplements to be eaten along with meal rations during extended time aboard shuttles in order to avoid this kind of light-headedness. “Ensign, don’t worry, it won’t be necessary for this to enter your flight and service record at all, assuming you wouldn’t mind assisting me with a small donation for the Ferengi Widows and Orphans fund to help those less fortunate than…,” Polikia’s voice was cut off as the turbolift doors closed.

Her shipmates broke Vytto out of here reverie of doom and let her know that all was well, she wasn’t in any trouble, there was a sensor glitch in the cleaning room so there was no record of the event, the Ensign had been handled and deeply deserved what she got. They all got back to work. Three days later the last of the sensor buoys was deployed and it was back to serving drinks.


Upon entering the Atbar II orbital control area the USS Endurance was stopped by two Starfleet County class Destroyers, the USS Victoria County and the USS Bosque County, and one Saint Louis class Cruiser, the USS Taiho, which had their shields raised and phasers and photons powered and locked onto the Endurance. Not the welcome they were expecting. Nor were they expecting to be ordered to heave to, not to raise their shields or power their weapons, and prepare to receive Command representatives to prefer charges against the Captain and certain crew. Endurance complied.

A Vulcan JAG Officer, Commander T’Ples, along with (REDACTED) beamed over and had a brief meeting with the Captain. Afterwards Captain Arinoch ordered Commander Korvis, Commander Accrington, Lieutenant Commander Ducote, and Lieutenant Viden Venor to join him in the bridge conference room, which they did. There T’Ples displayed to all an arrest warrant for each of them along with an alternative offer.

“Of course, we have an alternative for you. This was worked out at the highest levels with the command staff of the Cardassian Theater and no one below that level is aware of this agreement, and we insist that it remain so”, said Cmdr T’Ples. She showed them a copy of the non-disclosure agreement they had all (except Lt Venor) recently signed and opened it to the following passage and read to them, “Starfleet Intelligence may exercise at their sole discretion, to their complete satisfaction, and at whatever time it so chooses, to take whatever precautions are, in its sole opinion, necessary, prudent, and warranted to safeguard such information as is necessary at that time, and the Signer of this document shall fully and immediately comply with these precautions or else be taken into custody and transferred to such secure location as Starfleet Intelligence deems fit until such time as such precautions are deemed, in its sole discretion, no longer necessary.”

T’Ples closed the document and said, “This clause is now in effect, Captain, will you comply?” He (eventually) complied, as did the other officers present, though only after a spirited debate about rights and guarantees, etc. In the end a third party ‘witness’ was brought in and the agreement was brokered. The officers then went through an individually administered alternate procedure which consisted of [REDACTED] and they were cleared to return to duty with clean records.

The two visiters returned to the USS Taiho, and the three ships dropped shields, powered down weapons and moved away and into orbit at Atbar II, as did the USS Endurance.



The USS Endurance found itself in a trap set by the Klingons, facing 2 B’Rel Cruisers and 3 Vor’Cha Battlecruisers. They readied the ship, pressed the button to fire their weapons and lost all power immediately, essentially dead in space. The software Starfleet Intelligence Deep State slipped into their system was the ultimate cause. The Klingons paused, not sure if this was a trick, then beamed boarding parties onto the Endurance. 4 Romulan D’Deridex Battleships and 1 Valdore Command Battlecruiser uncloaked behind each of the Klingon ships, there was communication between the Romulans and Klingons, the Klingons transported their troops back to their ships, cloaked, and left. The Romulan Commander, Tacranaal, spoke briefly with Captain Arinoch and they basically postured and introduced themselves to each other.

With that out of the way and finally getting a chance to breath, they got back to the business of deploying the sensor buoys and four days later the task was finished thanks to the McKinley showing up and loaning 16 shuttles, pilots, and crews to the effort. At this point the McKinley recovered their shuttles and personnel, and both ships headed to Atbar together


The USS Endurance NCC-83812 traveled to Atbar II with the USS McKinley NCC-61628 traveling with them most of the way over the next couple of days. They were met by the USS Taiho, the USS Victoria County, and the USS Bosque County, as detailed above, then entered orbit and went to work on cleaning up their computers. They had a scheduled slip at the Atbar Repair Facility that was 2 days away if they decided they needed to entirely swap out their computer cores. In the meantime they moved everything onto the second core while they worked on main core. Commander Accrington and Lt Venor, along with LtJG Sori and various members of the Engineering and Science departments worked tirelessly on the core in an attempt to not have to replace the computers. By late afternoon the second day it was looking like they might not need that slip after all and were well into the finishing stages on the first core.

A Fond Fairwell To Commander Korvis Loi and Jack, his puppeteer

Commander Korvis Loi, Executive Officer of the USS Endurance had opportunities and offers elsewhere and took advantage of it. We wish him well in his future endeavors and note that he will be missed by the Crew of the USS Endurance, her officers, her captain, and this GM.

Senior Officer’s Dining In and Medal Ceremony

Fleet Captain Tandra Flanagan arrived in Atbar II the same day the Endurance did and moved into her quarters and offices on Thrombo Outpost, officially transfering her flag for Peacekeeping Group Five in the process. To get things kicked off properly she decided to host a Dining In Ceremony for four of her 5 Task Forces, starting with TF21 which happened to be in orbit as luck would have it. She had already completed the Dining In with TF22 based in Adarak as she passed through on the way to Atbar. She took a certain satisfaction in naming Captain Sarah Harkness as Vice President, aka Mr. Vice, for the ceremony.

On the second day of Endurance’s stay in Atbar II, at 18:00 hours, the senior officers (Captain, newly appointed XO LtCmdr Dr Trinity Ducote, Department Heads, and Assistant Department Heads all donned their formal wear and beamed down to Thrombo Outpost, made their way through the receiving line, made and failed carousing rolls, and made their obligatory trips to the Grog Bowl.

Eventually a large circle of red carpet was unrolled to the side of the President of the Mess’ table, the Federation Flag on one side of it and the Starfleet Flag on the other and several Officers of the USS McKinley were called up to stand in a line between the flags at attention, then were awarded medals, ribbons, and citations a was their ship. Next was the Claymore’s turn, and the same process was followed, though with fewer recipients. Finally it was Endurance’s turn, and it’s officers took their places ‘between the flags’.

Note: Commander Korvis Loi’s awards were forwarded to his new commander to dispense to him.

Admiral’s Citation: Awarded to Captain Arinoch, Commanders Korvis and Accrington, Lieutenant Commander Ducote, and Lieutenant Venor.
The Admiral’s Citation award has been invoked and authorized for award to insert name here for his efforts during the ‘Mitten’s Syndrome Pathogen outbreak’. Many lives were saved due to the efforts of Commander Accrington and his team, who are also receiving this award. Commander Accrington reflects the highest values of Starfleet and his work is a fine example of what it is to be a Starfleet officer, a Scientist, and the potential selfless sacrifice necessary to get a very difficult job done under extreme circumstances. Congratulations insert name here.

Star Cross: Awarded to Captain Arinoch, Commanders Korvis and Accrington, Ltcmdr Ducote, Lt Venor.
Starfleet confers this award for distinguished actions during the ‘Mittens Syndrome Pathogen’ event centered on Atbar II. This honor is awarded for clearly exceptional performance of duties, for exceptional achievements of major significance, exhibiting great courage, and providing outstanding leadership. Congratulations recipient!

Order of Memory Alpha: Awarded to Commander Accrington
The Order of Memory Alpha recognizes Commander Aiden Accrington as a scientist of the highest capability, principles, and creativity. For the work done on creating a resolution for ‘Mittens Syndrome’ while in the service of Starfleet, while serving as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Endurance, and in direct danger from the pathogen, Commander Accrington worked tirelessly, along with other notable crewpersons from the USS Endurance, to create a functional and practical solution for a supposedly ‘Unsolvable Problem’ within the medical community.

As a result of his contribution and that of his team, Commander Aiden Accrington is hereby inducted into this august society, The Order of Memory Alpha, with all privileges and honors appertaining. Congratulations Commander Accrington.

Mekkar Starship Marksmanship Award: Awarded to Captain Arinoch
It is hereby acknowledged that a feat of remarkable starship marksmanship has been achieved by Captain Donovan Arinoch in live combat. Captain Arinoch, manning the Tactical station on his own ship, the USS Endurance, managed to fire a single high angle phaser shot at and enemy attacker, destroying it. As a direct result of the destruction of the destroyed enemy exploding, it’s companion ship was also destroyed from the blast wave causing it to explode. Unfortunately, this explosion had the unintended consequence of destroying an unarmed and badly damaged freighter, causing it to also explode, the energy blast of which destroyed the second damaged freighter present. Two cloaked enemy vessels were close enough to take damage from all four exploding ships and fled the area with the USS Endurance pursuing them.

The tactics and outcomes were not considered in the determination of this award, merely the outcome of the shot. To do so much with a single shot is truly extraordinary and we commend Captain Arinoch for his accomplishment. It is so recorded that this single phaser shot is among the best and having one of the most consequential combat results in the history of starship combat. Thus, this committee is proud to award Captain Arinoch the MEKKAR STARSHIP MARKSMANSHIP AWARD.

Congratulations Captain Donovan Arinoch
Mekkar Starship Combat Studies
Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Medal of Valor: Awarded to Lieutenant Commander Tannen
It is with great pride that Starfleet recognizes the outstanding heroics of one of its officers. For his excellence in tactics, skill in the execution of his duties under fire, unflinching loyalty to his Captain and crewmates, Starfleet hereby bestows the Starfleet Medal of Valor to Lieutenant Commander Biff Tannen for his many accomplishments in starship combat in such a short period of time, particularly the “Battle of Cardassia”, as it is being called in the press. Congratulations Lieutenant Commander Tannen.

Order of the White Densaren: Awarded to Lieutenant Grey
For that thing from your past that we will not discuss. The people who matter know what you did, why you did it, and that you can be counted on to do it again when needed. Nicely done Lieutenant.

In orbit above Atbar II, the Jr officers manning the bridge watched in astonishment as the USS Aurora, parked in spacedock at the Atbar Federation Repair Facility suddenly exploded. Within 10 seconds of her destruction, another 73 explosions were recorded in, on, and under Thrombo Outpost (where the senior officers were getting medals) and Atbar City beside it.

The True Way Launches Terrorist Attacks

Just after LtCmdr Tannen received his prestigious class 1 medal (that only costs 10 space karma points!) a large boom was felt more than heard in the room serving as a banquet hall. The lights flickered and came back on for nearly 2 seconds. A second, much louder and closer boom came from the center of Thrombo Outpost and the lights immediately went out in the room, emergency bulkheads slammed shut, and dim emergency lighting at the 2 doors of the huge room shone faintly. Another heavy boom quite near their location sounded, along with many others, some distant, some far, and pieces from the ceiling began to fall. One particularly large chunk smashed into the table where the officers of the Claymore security department were seated, killing 4 of them. Another, nearly as large, dropped onto the medical personnel table of the USS Endurance causing 4 casualties three of them including the death of Lt Dr Cammy Beyett Captain Arinoch was knocked down by a piece of falling debris, followed by another much larger piece that landed across his hips crushing them.

There were many other injuries and deaths, including from the Endurance crew Lieutenants Elton Plaskitt from Engineering, Dr Peren Mun and Dr Malina McGowan from Medical, LtJG Sori Mosea from Science, all with various blunt force trauma injuries from falling debris, and Captain Tanyl Kavan, the new Marine XO, with a dislocated shoulder from a chunk of falling ceiling. Fleet Captain Tandra Flanagan was struck directly in the head by a 38kg chunk of ceiling and died instantly.

Officers did their best to get organized, help the injured and dying and find a way out of the room. The medical personnel were hampered by the fact that they had no medical gear as they were in formal dress inside a Federation Outpost and didn’t see the need to carry any, and the power loss rendered the replicators in the room inoperative. They did the best first aid work they could under the circumstances of no tools and little visibility.

At some point early in the chaos there were was a brief flash of light as an unknown commander, along with Lt Veridian Grey and Lt Dr Talulah Neischeim disappeared in a transporter beam. They are thought to still be on the planet somewhere.

The officers got to work on finding a way out of the room, needing to either get through the duranium walls (some cracks were found) or somehow open the 0.6 meter thick and 6 meter wide blast doors without power. They quickly discovered that their comms were down, commbadges not even connecting to each other in the room. It was later determined that a dampening field was activated inside the base and another in Atbar City specifically to cause this effect. Ultimately Lt Viden Venor managed to use his cybernetic arm to directly connect to the door controls and power the massive door upward up almost a full meter before it hit an obstruction and would go no further. He held it there while others piled stacks of table tops under it along with heavy debris in hops that it would hold long enough to get everyone out of the room. It did.

Having escaped the room but not knowing what they faced Captain Harkness ordered everyone to take the most direct path to exit the base. They encountered many wounded, dying, or dead along the way, but got out of the base, and managed to reestablish communications with their ships as they got close to the exit.

Onboard the Endurance, these officers were on the bridge:
Command: LtJG Rachael Green, Security Team 2 Leader
Engineering: LtJG Zad Kruxxen, Damage Control Assistant Chief
Ops: LtJG Laxman Campo, Third Shift Ops Officer
Helm: LtJG Borta, Third Shift Helm
Science: LtJG Jawiva, Phys Science Officer
Tactical: LtJG Towo Yurkoss (aka Pat), Security team 3 Leader
Medical: LtJG Dr Larry Foster (in Sickbay)

There was what looked like a swarm of cardassian cutters on their sensors and had looked like heavy, but normal traffic before the attack began, but powered shields and weapons and began shooting everything not Cardassian immediately. LtJG Green ordered Red Alert and maximum shields immediately and to their credit, especially that of CWO Kabox and LtJG Campo, they were raised and at full power immediately. LtJG Green ordered Campo to contact the Captain, and he was unable to raise anyone at all from the planet. LtJG Green ordered LtJG Yurkoss to return fire while Campo toiled with the comms, which he did, and they had managed to shoot 3 of them by the time the officers on the planet managed to contact them.

While the other officers were doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, LtJG Green was scheming with MCPO Ssscritcha about how to get a security team down to the planet without dropping their shields, or being exposed if they dropped one. When she heard Campo receive comms from the officers, she immediately let them know they had a potential solution to getting them back aboard and were activating it now. She didn’t ask permission and no one tried to override her. At her command Yurkoss fired 4 photons directly aft in a dispersal pattern, and blew them as close to the ship as they could without damaging it, but hopefully damaging some cutters. The effect was to create confusion and a very temporary dead zone for the cutters. Campo dropped the rear shield, and Ssscritcha energized. He grabbed everyone in the area including a few non-crew, distributed their patterns to multiple pads where other transporter personnel were waiting to receive them, and rematerialized them successful (yes, even Ensign Ricky). At this point 17 Galor light cruisers dropped out of warp on the far side of Atbar II.

Senior Officers Back On The Ship

LtCmdr Ducote had Ssscritcha immediately beam her and Captain Arinoch to sickbay, where he was stabilized, drugged for pain and alertness, and put into a rigid stabilization field. Then he was loaded into a hoverchair with racing stripes and really cool flame job decals and hustled to the bridge where he took command. By that time senior officers had replaced their worthy juniors, who took their positions on the Battle Bridge and Tertiary Bridge.

Accessing the situation, Captain Arinoch ordered LtJG Campo to contact the inbound Galors, but he got no immediate answer. He ordered Lt Rixx to move the ship around Atbar II and towards the inbound Galors. He ordered LtJG Campo to establish fleet comms with the McKinley and the Claymore but he got a “Standby Endurance” from both ships. About that time, Lt Anthel ch’Cobin, Andorian, male, came onto the bridge and approached the Captain. “Captain, Lt Anthel ch’Cobin reporting for duty. I got picked up with the rest of your officers by mistake I believe, but I helped get your Ops officer to sickbay and he’s being treated now. In the meantime, I was scheduled to join your crew tomorrow as your new Ops Chief, but thought you might be able to use me now.” Captain Arinoch agreed, and ch’Cobin relieved Campo at Ops.

The USS Taiho just happened to be moving towards Atbar II from the direction the Galors just dewarped to, thus having her aft pointed at a sudden and unexpected enemy. Those in range, and some out of it, fired and scored enough hits to drop that shield, damage it such that the shield was inoperable without substantial repair, and damage their warp core initiating a potential warp core breach. The Taiho, Claymore, and Endurance returned fire, killing 2 of the Galors. Sensors determined that the Galors were unmanned and being controlled via a rapidly changing command handoff system between the 200+ cutters currently swarming Atbar II.

The Starfleet ships fighting around Atbar II were:
USS Endurance, Saint Louis class Cruiser, TF21, Captain Arinoch
USS Claymore, Saint Louis class Cruiser, TF21, Captain Seran
USS McKinley, Korolev class Cruiser, TF21, Captain Harkness
USS Taiho, Saint Louis class Cruiser, TF24, Captain Patel
USS Victoria County, County class Destroyer, TF23, Captain Wendell
USS Bosque County, County class Destroyer, TF23, Captain Zelona


The Situation

The Endurance was currently in combat along with the other ships of Task Force 21 and the Taiho, Bosque County, and Victoria County. The Taiho had aft damage, lost her aft shields, and was working to control a warp core breach in progress. The Victoria county was moving to cover the Taiho’s aft shield hole. This is where we pick up next session.


  • The fight in Atbar II space and on the ground was the primary event and was still in progress.
  • USS McKinley engaged True Way forces at star system NGC 735294, ‘due west’ on the map from the Atbar System. They escaped the trap by using their Metaphasic shielding to dive into the surface of the star to a depth of 12km and move through it to a site on the other side of the star, emerging unharmed and alone in space.
  • The USS Endurance engaged Klingons in combat at Taggrut VIII after responding to a distress call from the Picket Commander there, destroying 3 B’Rel cruisers, and inadvertently destroying 2 freighters attempting to escape when the first cruiser exploded after a single phaser shot, causing a chain of other ships, damaged and unshielded, to also explode, eventually encompassing the freighters. Chasing 2 remaining B’Rel cruisers, the Endurance was lured into a trap, surrounded by 5 Klingon ships, the 2 B’Rel cruisers and 3 Vor’Cha Battlecruisers. The Endurance had a catastrophic power loss when attempting to fire it’s weapons, were briefly boarded by Klingons, but the appearance of 4 Romulan D’Deridex and 1 Valdore, each behind one of the freshly uncloaked Klingon ships, caused the Klingons to recall their boarding parties, cloak, and leave. The Romulans gave chase.
  • The USS Endurance completed its mission to deploy 300 sensor buoys in the 3 Taggrut asteroid belts.
  • The USS Claymore captured 2 black marketeer freighters and escorted them to Atbar for processing.
  • Various reports of aggression were reported in the TF21 Operations Area.



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